Penelope Gwen

Software Developer & Sociologist

This is a collection of some of the projects I've made or worked on, as well as where you can find them. Included are apps I've published on 1st and 3rd party app stores, as well as software and tools I host myself elsewhere.

The Pogmom Suite

The product of several months of teaching myself home networking, the Pogmom Suite is a closed-registration suite of services powered by open source utility and entertainment software. It is a legal home-networked alternative to Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and popular streaming services.


AC Tape Deck

A macOS/iOS app that plays music based on the hour of the day, designed for emulating real-time soundtracks like in Animal Crossing. Supports up to 5 playlists, different weather options, and features a clock in the Animal Crossing font on the media controls screen.


Devour & Drought

A local multiplayer competitive resource management game based off of the board game "Feast and Famine" following the original port's removal from the App Store. Strategically utilize your available labor points to collect more resources than your opponents!



MaizeCrater is a scoreboard app for the backyard game Corn Hole! It features customizable teams + colors, enabling of a few common house rules, and most importantly- cuts back on the amount of math you need to do while playing games! MaizeCrater automatically calculates the cancellation scoring and keeps track of your scores with a clean and straightforward interface!



Quickly make an inventory of your backpack, luggage, purse, or even your pockets, and use FlashBag to search through all of them! FlashBag is a lightweight, fast, and easy-to-use app that helps you to organize your bags.



A jailbreak setup manager for iOS 11 - 14.8. Allows saving tweak preferences, icon layouts, and wallpapers.



A one-way Twitter-to-Mastodon crossposting script written in NodeJS without the use of Twitter's now-paid API. Uses Selenium javascript and chromedriver to scrape content from Twitter.


These are excel spreadsheets I've developed entirely from scratch. Originally designed for my own use, I've tried to adapt the spreadsheets to be accessible to anybody that might benefit from them.

Financial Tracker Eternal

An excel spreadsheet to help visualize and manage finances throughout the year. This template can be used for any given year and has a simple setup process and an interactive guide. It features many improvements to prior versions including improved calculations, shortcuts, aesthetic upgrades, and QOL updates.


My Cookie Recipe

A spreadsheet I made to help me make cookies. It has many quality-of-life features, such as unit conversion, recipe multiplication, and a notification for when all of an ingredient has been added.


Truth Table

An excel spreadsheet for making a truth table with up to 5 variables. Includes functions that make writing formulas much easier. Also features a test to determine validity of collection of premises and conclusion.


Roommate Financial Splitter

An excel spreadsheet to help balance living expenses between you and your roommates on an annual calandar. Allows between 1-4 total occupants, allows several custom entries, calculates how much is due from each roommate, and the difference between what is paid.


These are papers I've written in the past that I've felt particularly proud of. These papers may date back several years and may not accurately reflect my views now.

Simmel's Conflict and Liberation

Written for a university sociological theory class. Explores liberatory and assimilationist politics through the lens of Georg Simmel's concept of conflict.


Weber: Modern Bureaucracy and Capital

Written for a university sociological theory class. An exploration and synthesis of Max Weber's Bureaucracy and Karl Marx's Capital in a modern lens in the context of automation.


Durkheim and Gender Minorities

Written for a university sociological theory class. Explores Emile Durkheim's concepts of egoism and anomy and how they distinctly effect those belonging to gender minority groups.